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Hi! (OvO)

This is Vayandil. By the time you're reading this, I'm already on an exciting adventure! Along with my trusty partner, Gheralf! (^v^)

This whole topsy-turvy journey of ours started one day during lunch... (O^O)

Gheralf and I were at home, sitting criss-crossed on a 20-year-old couch.

It had served as Gheralf's bed for about 20 years.

We were eating one of our “we're too lazy to cook properly” meals. Watching YouTube videos, as we usually do.

“Why the heck are we watching this?” I said to Gheralf.

For the record, the video wasn't bad by any means.

The YouTuber was very popular. They felt genuine. The mood in the video was homely. It obviously had a decent production value. The editing felt professional.


(And it's a big but!)

The content didn't entertain us! (ÓvÒ)

It was supposed to be funny, but the humor wasn't clever; it was underestimating us!

It didn't challenge our thinking.

It didn't give any interesting take on a topic.

And most sadly...

It wasn't teaching us anything new! (TvT)

In fact, the video was very keen on wasting our time! (ÒvÓ)

Watching it was meaningless, so we stopped the video.

This hadn't been the first, nor the last time we weren't impressed by YouTube content. Or any form of entertainment for that matter.

We know that being entertained is an immensely subjective matter. Which is why we started thinking... (~v~)

Are there people out there who'd love what we love? (☉◊☉)

People who want to have a laugh and improve themselves at the same time?

People who want to have a good time, but also discover new things?

People who like thought-provoking entertainment?

Surely, if there's an audience for cheap entertainment, then there must be an audience for expensive entertainment!

(Wait! That's not what I meant!) (>v<)

There must be an audience for enriching entertainment!

Enriching entertainment

Entertaining media (such as comics or videos) that always improves your life in some way.

“I read this funny comic and it taught me how to do push-ups correctly!” (☉◊☉)

That's why we made a decision: We gotta find those people!

And so we embarked on our adventure! (^v^)

We became online content creators! We'd make entertainment that looks, sounds and feels like us; smartly fun, enjoyably clever. Crafted with an eye on quality. Made to attract one specific kind of people. Our kind of people!

So now I wonder: are you our kind of people? (OvO) If so, then...

  • You are a deep pondering individual, who wants entertainment to not only entertain you, but also enrich your life in some way.
  • You love learning something new, big or small, along with having fun at the same time.
  • You want to improve.
  • You are a thinker that wants to enjoy life.
  • You've been wondering if you should spend your time better.

If even two of the above points apply to you, then there's a high chance that you're like us! (OvO)

Because our adventure is all about creating enriching content that smart people like you are guaranteed to love!

We won't settle on just giving you a quick chuckle, no.

Our content will make an impression as well! (ÒvÓ)

Like when you skim through our Realm of Owls webcomic; you first laugh at the owls' crazy shenanigans and think how cute the comic is.

But when you think about the comic some more, you suddenly realize that real life people aren’t that much different from the zany owls.

And when you think even more, you notice that the whole Captured story arc is one big love letter to video games! (☉◊☉)

Or like when you browse our Owl Basket Blog; you read one of Gheralf's insightful articles and are delighted to learn that he loves Mount & Blade.

But then you realize that video games are actually pretty good life lesson tools! They teach you the value of money! They give you insight into the life of the rich and the unfortunate!

And then you leave with a newfound appreciation towards a medium that you may not have even thought about before! (☉◊☉)

That's what our content does; it makes you realize.

You feel enlightened.

It improves you! (^v^)

Whatever we create, our mission will always be to...

  • Entertain you!
  • Enrich your life!
  • Engage with you cheerfully!
  • Enjoy doing what we do!
    (Because a happy creator is a productive creator!)

If our mission resonates with you, you'll definitely love our style! And the awesome content we make. Now and in the future! (~vO)

If you're still reading this, I'm excited! Because I have a feeling that we have a brand new friend in you! (^v^)

We officially invite you to join our adventure!

Now come along, friend! Meet our team! Find out who are making you the Owl Basket content!

We look forward to having you around! (OvO)

Yours hootly,
Gheralf & Vayandil

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